xTra306 Pharma Essentials

■ xTra360 Pharma Essentials ERP addresses all the pharma industry challenges.
■ xTra360 Pharma Essentials ERP makes the company get closer to GMP Compliance.
■ xTra360 Pharma Essentials ERP helps you to meet all regulatory requirements in the most convenient manner.
■ xTra360 Pharma Essentials ERP helps you to run your business more efficiently.

Key Features:

■ Supply Chain.
■ System Generated Stickers of Quarantine, Sampled & Release.
■ Traceability of API with QC release.
■ Assurance of using FEFO (First Expiry: First Out) for Raw Materials.
■ Issuing against Production Standard Formulations.
■ Ensuring Rejected and On-Hold Materials will not be used.
■ Accurate System Generated Batch History.
■ Calculation of Short Items.
■ Sales Ordering, Dispatch & Invoicing.